Economics vs Politics

The escalating Australian Housing Crisis

Governments have the control when it comes to policy and this power does affect the economics of a nation as […]

How to Build Your Money Values

How to Build Your Money Values

Becoming financially literate does not happen overnight. Many people struggle with their mindset around money and without getting started you […]

Top 5 Stock Market Myths

5 Stock Market Myths

The stock market is a topic that comes up often, even if you don’t work in the finance space. There […]

US Uncertainty

US Uncertainty

Certainty and uncertainty are 2 of the main drivers of movement in the stock market. With geopolitical tensions, national political […]

Top 5 Investment Blunders

Top 5 Investment Blunders

Anyone who is new to investing is almost certain to make a few mistakes throughout their investment journey. Join us […]

What is Inflation?

What is inflation and how to beat it

Since Covid, inflation has been the centre of attention in the finance world. We hear about the numbers on the […]

Stock Analysis – Qantas

Qantas Stock Analysis

There is a vast array of different ways people analyse stocks before making a trade decision. Some that spring to […]

US Earnings Wrap

US Uncertainty

Another batch of fresh earnings results have passed and it is not always easy to keep track. Tune in this […]