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Surge Goals: How To End The Year On A Win And Be Ahead!

People who have worked through the year have a tendency to clock off in the back end of the year. Although this is easy to do it does not necessarily result in the best outcomes. Join us this week as we share some tips on avoiding this, including surge goals:


Personal Mistakes

From a personal standpoint, there are things you can do to keep yourself organized and accountable in the later part of the year where you may be tempted to clock off. Host Andrew Baxter uses journaling and record keeping as a strategy for staying on track all the way through the year. Some people may slack off on their journaling and organizing come late November and early December, but it is critical that you carry it through all the way. In doing so, you can set yourself tasks to complete, making sure you note them down as vitally important. If you can stay on top of the things that need to get done in the later part of the year, you will be positioned far better for the start of the next year than if you didn’t. Even if it is just a handful of tasks each day, make sure you keep yourself accountable and on track.


Investment Mistakes

Just like in your personal life, if you allow yourself to slack off you can make mistakes in your investments as well as your personal life. Host Andrew Baxter explains that although spending a little more than usual around Christmas is normal, remaining vigilant and consistent with your finances is important to keep it under control. In remaining consistent,you will be able to budget consistently to keep you on track for your longer term money goals despite potentially spending a little more in the short-term. Overall, avoid the potential pain of allowing your finances to fall out of control in the back-end of the year and remain disciplined with your finances.



One way to avoid slacking off at the end of the year is to set yourself in motion for a surge. Host Andrew Baxter explains that surging is when you actually set more ambitious goals for yourself over a certain period than you normally would. In doing so, even if you miss those goals you are still working hard while if you achieve them you will have outperformed your usual level throughout the rest of the year. If you are struggling for motivation around Christmas time, perhaps you should consider an end of year surge to carry you through the later part of the year and keep yourself disciplined and motivated. In a team setting, being on the upward path heading into the Christmas period as opposed to being on the downward path like many others, it can be very unifying and satisfying while it also puts you in a greater position to achieve highly in the new year as a group. The surge is not only a strong finish, but also a sign of a potential head start.


Enjoying a Break

When you work hard it’s also important to allow yourself a break from time to time. Although ideally surging towards your goals at all times would be ideal, Host Andrew Baxter explains how important it is to allow some time to decompress. Taking a solid chunk of time to relax when you can is important in order to refresh and get yourself back to the energy levels you require in order to perform to the best of your abilities when it is once again time to work. So if you’re feeling motivated to work hard into the back end of the year, make sure if you surge hard you give yourself a chance to relax and enjoy yourself before getting stuck back in in the new year.

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