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Who Is Andrew Baxter?

Now Introducing – Andrew Baxter. A seasoned multi-millionaire stock trader on a mission to help every day Australians just like you.

With over 27+ years of trading the stock market, the humble beginnings of the now multi-millionaire trader, Andrew Baxter, all started with a watch advertisement in a magazine.

The start of something special

Born in the modest UK suburb of Swindon, working-class man, Andrew Baxter had a childhood were his family was often strapped for cash. After growing up and raising his own family, they traveled to London. His life changed forever after seeing a Rolex watch advertised in National Geographic magazine.

The seed was planted

As any good father does, Andrew attends the school of life. He got a part-time job at a bakery at the age of 14. Completing a few odd jobs and here and there for 1 pound/hour. Over time he saved money to buy some shares, Check out Andrews first podcast “How to set you up for success in 2020”to learn more. Like for many, his first trade failed miserably – a massive slap across the face.

Setting Sail

After reading and learning the stock market, Andrew set his sights on the big city of London; by investing. After, graduating from University with honors in both business and finance was his first step. As well as, Shifting status from a kid who came from a hardworking town, a professional stock investor looking of the market place.

Furthermore, When he discovered his superiors were pulling down millions every year, he made a commitment to winning the game of life. (To fast-track your journey in winning the game of life, check out Winning The Game). By immersing himself and multi-billion dollar trading of a number of years, Andrew had learned a skill-set for his life.

Paradise insight

As the money rolled in, Andrew saw the great country of Australia (with that Rolex magazine on his wrist). When he met a fellow golfer and now a long-life friend, he realized that Australian people had a real interest in learning to make money trading the financial markets.

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Cash flow on demand was born

Fast-forward 20 years later and here he is today. Another one of the leading educators in the stock market in the entire country. By developing a stream-lined, paint by numbers approach called Cash Flow on Demand. This strategy teaches every day Australians how to make money through stock and options trading. To no one’s surprise – Andrew’s business.

The Australian Investment Education, has cemented itself as the mammoth of educators in the investing space for Australians. Ensuring that his clients are supported throughout the entire trading process with their handheld firmly, AIE has managed to help thousands of people achieve their financial goals and objectives.

Andrew is a firm believer that anyone can learn to do what he has done as long as they are open and willing to learn something new – “life only rewards action takers” is a big part of his organization’s ethos.

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