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Top 5 Habits of Highly Successful People

Success can be seen in many metrics – finances, family life, health, among many others. Unfortunately, being successful in your chosen area isn’t as simple as implementing a few practices and ending with success. Join us this week as we look at the top 5 habits of successful people:


Being Clear on Your Intentions

Doing things randomly and on  a whim is not generally a good way to achieve a goal. Host Andrew Baxter explains that it’s vitally important to have some sort of roadmap in mind as any random road will take you nowhere. Without a clear goal in mind, there is no way to know whether or not you’ve reached it even if you make some positive steps in the right direction. A lack of specificity will also lead to some uncertainty around what action steps you should take and could prevent the most critical step in your journey towards success – beginning. No matter what it is you’re pursuing, make sure you are clear on your intentions before getting started.


Discipline and Perseverance

In pursuit of success and in life more broadly, there are going to be setbacks and times where the circumstances are not ideal. There are plenty of people who fall into the trap of yielding to these issues which prevents them from succeeding in the long run, but Host Andrew Baxter explains that remaining disciplined and persevering through the difficult times is greatly important in order to be successful in any pursuit. Ultimately, success is typically a culmination of repeated efforts, compounded over time which then lead to the final result of success. Without discipline and these repeated efforts, you are missing out on progress the entire time. If you do manage to make these repeated efforts and give up at any sign of adversity, then likewise you will encounter significant trouble in reaching your goals as all of your previous work will be for nothing if you decide to give up.



Everyone always says you are generally better at things you enjoy doing and one way you can make things more enjoyable is to gamify them. Host Andrew Baxter explains that if you can alter the way you view a pressing task so that it appears to be a game, completing the task will become much easier. Even if that aim is to make more money, gamifying the situation so that money in the real world is no longer the focus, but the game and the tasks at hand are the focus can allow for more sustained productivity. Elon Musk is a great example of gamification as he no longer has any need for money, but he consistently challenges himself to see where he can take different things. Whether that be what was previously Twitter or SpaceX, he is a shining example of gamification and the rewards it can lead to.


Building a Network

Who you associate with is very important for both business and your personal life as other people can have a major impact on you. Host Andrew Baxter explains that having a solid foundation of relationships in your life is very important to allow you to break away from the hard work you may be doing to help you relax. Having a mentor is also a great way to build a network along with the other professional help you may seek, but the company you keep outside of your working life is critically important to you as an individual which is likely to translate to your business efforts. If you’re the smartest person in the room, you may want to find a new room as being around those who can’t help you improve could be limiting your potential growth.



Sometimes the best result you can get out of something is what you learn from it. Particularly when things do not go your way, it’s important to be able to look back and make an educated assessment of what happened and where you can improve. Host Andrew Baxter strongly suggests building the ability to reflect so that when things don’t go to plan (and sometimes they won’t), you are able to look at what went wrong and figure out how you may be able to prevent a similar issue in the future.

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