2022 Year in Review

2022 in a review

 2022 has been a massive year with a huge range of crazy events that have shifted markets around the […]

Strain on Small Businesses

Strain on small businesses

Strain on Small Businesses For months on end we have heard about inflation and how the economy might suffer. Sadly, […]

Peak Inflation

Peak Inflation

Peak Inflation We have covered the inflation topic many times throughout the year as it has been a main driver […]

3 Best Money Moves

Money making moves

 Whenever we get the chance, we look to answer specific questions from our listeners. Join us this week as […]

Rich vs Wealthy

Rich And Wealthy

 Rich vs Wealthy The distinction between being wealthy and being rich is not always clear, but someone who is […]

4 Types of Timeframe Investing

The four major timeframe widows for investing

4 Types of Timeframe Investing A common theme in our podcast is adapting to the current environment and selecting strategies […]