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Women Investing In The Stock Market | Women’s Wealth Series

This week Andrew Baxter is joined by a special guest Sandra Bravo! Andrew and Sandra have known each other for years due to their experiences in the speaking space and have joined forces for a special episode on today’s podcast. Join us as we dive in to a special edition:


Sandra’s Background


Sandra and Andrew have spoken at events in the past with huge audiences among others including Robert Kiyosaki. Sandra explains that she was born in Mexico and has spent about half of her life here in Australia. For Sandra, coming to Australia from a male-dominated culture like Mexico was great and really allowed her to flourish in her career. Staying at home with the kids and not working was never for Sandra and she has managed to juggle a busy working life with the natural busyness that comes with having kids. As happened to a lot of public speakers, Covid really set things back in basic terms but also produced some great opportunities.


Women’s Wealth


The investment space can really feel like a boys’ club and seem intimidating for a lot of women. Andrew and Sandra have now entered into a professional partnership to bring more women into the investment space to provide greater opportunity to women in the trading and investment space. Trading and investing was totally new to Sandra and she learned that after educating herself and dedicating herself to trading, she was able to really take matters into her own hands while also allowing some financial planners to use a chunk of her money to compare the performance. Like everyone is initially, Sandra was confused by the language being used by her financial planners because she had very little experience in the industry but she was able to really perform well and get her money working which has inspired her to join Andrew in this partnership.


Performance From Advisors


When it came time to make a decision, Sandra’s decision was to have 2 accounts with different financial planners and manage her third account herself. After a few months, the professionals sent her a performance report where she was shocked to find a small loss in one and a more sizeable loss in the other, setting her back instead of moving her forward. Meanwhile, in her own account after teaching herself how to trade financial markets – she had gained $112,000! Sometimes the professionals can not provide he returns you are looking for and you may actually be the best equipped to execute the right strategy for you that creates the returns you are looking for. After the financial planners then tried to jack up the fees on her accounts, Sandra decided to back herself and trade her money off her own back and has never looked back.


Women In Trading

Financial markets have always been male-dominated, but Host Andrew Baxter notes that the proportion of female traders in the world has been steadily increasing. Andrew has thought women make better traders than men for some time, and some reports now show that women tend to be better performers when it comes to trading in the financial markets and Andrew and Sandra both have some thoughts as to why this may be the case. Firstly, differing attitudes towards risk can prevent women from really blowing up their accounts by allowing for too much risk.Granted, everybody makes mistakes and may accidentally expose themself to added risk from time to time but to manage risk on each and every trade is vitally important. Sandra notes that women are more likely able to remove themselves from competing with anyone other than themselves to try to achieve at their best. Sandra also points out that the focus on budgeting and saving and clearing debts has also strengthened for women over the last few years and that perhaps women as a whole are better at sticking to these sorts of things, which can be of great help when it comes to trading.

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