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Playing Through to the Final Whistle

As something quite trivial and often said by your junior sports coach.  Playing through to the final whistle from a career perspective in adulthood actually comes with stupendous importance. As we lead into the end of the year. It’s very easy to take your foot off the gas – here’s why you shouldn’t:


If You’re Achievement Driven

Let’s look at for what it is – there’s 4 or 5 weeks until Christmas. The in-laws have flown into town and the Christmas party season has begun – this is the time where you kick back and ride the wave through to your holiday, right? Host, professional trader. And CEO of 27 years, Andrew Baxter, says absolutely not. If you’re achievement driven. And you do not take your foot off the gas right until the finish date. Also, you play to the final whistle. If you want the most out of what you do or have any kind of real goals you’re looking to achieve. And you need to use all of the time available to you (including December!). 



Have a Firm Finish Date

Just like you have a firm finish time at the office each day at 5pm, you also need to have a firm finish date on the calendar year. Playing right up until that period of time where your shut down begins. It is important because it allows you to feel satisfied once you get there (knowing you’ve played hard until the end). And also means that there is an end in sight.

Host Andrew Baxter says he typically shuts down his offices for roughly 3 weeks over Christmas to give his traders a break from the market so that when they come back, they’re refreshed and ready to go for the New Year. You can’t run full bore for the entire year. And you have to have some time off – just make sure that you’re still working hard up until that point and you’re not having a holiday before your holiday. It’s all about personal standards says Baxter, how bad do you really want it?



Don’t Lose Your Intensity

Wandering around the office chatting with your colleagues about what you’re getting up to on summer break isn’t going to help you in the long run. Maintaining your normal work intensity, right up until the very last minute, is something that’ll make you feel all the more fulfilled when the time actually comes. How do you do this? The first step is to understand that when it’s game time, you’re on. If you’re at work, you’re working. This is a basic example of setting high personal standards for yourself which any successful person knows the importance of.

Secondly, remember that your superiors are always watching. When most are kicking back and farting around. If you’re able to distance yourself from the pack by showing the kind of dedication you have for your vocation – your boss will never forget it. Lastly – remember that your job should be something you love doing. If you aren’t going to work each day. And fired up and ready to kill it. Also, you’re probably in the wrong profession. Thus, working hard each day to continue to realise your purpose shouldn’t really be too much of an arduous task. 



Trading over Christmas

Over Christmas, you’re definitely not at the office or answering emails. However, you should be definitely keeping an eye on your trading. Many make the mistake. Particularly, in the options space, of forgetting about their open positions and coming back to carnage three weeks later. And when they check their accounts. Host Andrew Baxter says he reduces his weight in the market and takes a more passive approach in terms of strategy. And to which he recommends most also do the same, too. 



Take Time Off and Enjoy it

Yes, it’s very important that we play through to the final whistle to get the most out of what this year has to offer us. However, please ensure you do take time off and enjoy doing so. And you have to have a break, otherwise you run the risk of burning out. Host Andrew Baxtersays he is a big believer in completely shutting down for a period of time to rejuvenate, despite being so success driven. Play hard until the end and then enjoy your time off – to learn more on exactly how to do this, check out http://winningthegame.co.

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