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Overcoming Setbacks with Mark Ormrod

. AThe story of Royal Marines Commando, Invictus games medallist, extreme athlete, father and speaker, Mark Ormrod, is one that is truly inspiring. As the UK’s first triple amputee, the lessons Mark has learned and now shares can serve. As the fuel in the fire for anyone chasing their dreams. Here is how to overcome setbacks with Mark Ormrod:



The Mark Ormrod Story

Accompanying host Andrew Baxter in this special episode is royal marines Commando, Invictus games athlete, public speaker, father and fundraiser – Mark Ormrod. For those who are yet to have the pleasure of knowing Mark’s story. And he is a man who joined the Royal British Marines at just 17 years old.

As a self-proclaimed young, brash, cocky 18-year-old boy. And just after the world-change event of 911 – Mark knew early on his career where. And what he would do in the near future.

After a couple of routine exercises in the Arctic and a trip or two to Norway, Mark was soon dispatched out to Afghanistan in 2007 in what was supposed to be yet another routine tour. From the day he landed, Mark remembers firing rounds at the bad guys. And only to soon realise that it was an environment much more dangerous than he ever could have expected. And one that would change his life forever. 


Christmas Eve, 2007.

In the early hours of Christmas Eve morning in 2007, Mark and some of his fellow soldiers were call up to HQ. And brief on what was suppose to their next routine foot patrol. After securing the HQ compound location as ordered somewhat 5 hours later, Mark and his team took the role of ‘overwatch’ as the other half of his regiment took cover back at base camp.

As he walked over to what he initially thought to be a safe place to cover his team in a small bowl carved out in the ground, upon laying on his stomach – his life flashed before his eyes. At this moment, Mark’s right knee had detonated an IED hidden in the ground causing him to instantly lose both of his legs and also his right arm. Also, along with nearly his life. Luckily, he survived the incident (just) to which his story of recovery from here is one that is truly inspiring. 




After losing 3 of his limbs and nearly his life, it’s safe to say that what happened to Mark was an enormous setback. And that most likely the majority of us mere mortals would find it hard to relate to. When Mark made it back to the UK and began his rehab. And he was told to ‘get ready for life in a wheelchair. By his doctors to which Mark exclaims the first time he seriously contemplated suicide.

Pretty hard to hear, right? Setbacks are something we all deal with on a day-to-day basis. Whether it be in our work, home life, relationships, with your finances or health – but as Mark attributes to. It’s how you look to overcome these that counts. There are two ways to treat a setback – either as the defining factor to limit you in whatever area of life it’s in or as fuel. And to get up off the canvass and keep moving forward.

You too can apply this kind of mindset to your Money. And Investing careers as more often than not we are presented with tough market conditions, poor trading mistakes or deadly viruses running rampant across our economy. Not letting these get the better of you is where dealing with setbacks becomes important.



Mindset and Mental Toughness

After Mark met fellow Royal Marines soldier, Mick Brennan. And he made a commitment to change his mindset for the better. Mick Brennan was a man who very similarly lost both of his legs serving in Afghanistan back in 2005. And who was now walking successfully with two prosthetic limbs.

As Mark’s initial influence just 5 days into waking up from his coma. And once he made it to rehab somewhat 6 months later. Also, he had already made his mind up as to what he wanted to achieve. By this point, Mark had a clear outcome in mind of where he wanted to go. And what exactly he wanted – just like host Andrew Baxter exclaims is a must when achieving your investing and financial goals.

Seeing how far you can take things even after major setbacks requires rock-hard mental toughness. And that can only come with the right mindset. 


The Importance of Having a Mentor

Having a mentor is arguably one of the most important ingredients to any successful recipe of success. In Marks case, this was American, Cameron Clap. After being run over by a train in 2002, Cameron was also a triple amputee and was someone Mark discovered online. What caught his attention was Cameron’s ability to exercise (like surfing or hiking). And complete normal day-to-day activities just as easily as anyone else – how could Cameron do all the things. That Mark was not possible? The only way to learn how was to reach out and ask for help.

Cameron became Marks’s mentor for the years to come as he taught. And educated him on replicating his magic process to his recovery. Without doubt, having such an influential figure fighting for you in your corner is what can take you to the next level and also help exceed your goals and expectations of what’s possible. This is much the same when it comes to the money game. Host Andrew Baxter always recommends having a mentor to steward you through markets so that you can learn to replicate a successful process. And just like Cameron did for Mark.



Staying Disciplined

Talk’s cheap but money buys the whiskey. Saying you’ll do something is one thing whereas actually doing it (and staying disciplined) is another.

In Mark’s case, he remembers feeling embarrassed, ashamed, falling over and exhausting himself the whole journey to Oklahoma – on his own by the way – to meet his mentor, Cameron Clap. The difference is – he knew the next 3 weeks would change his life forever. Remaining committed to achieving his goal. And doing everything in his power to make that a reality is what Mark attributes to his ability to stay on track.

We are constantly challenged with distractions and others hijacking our pathway to achieving our greatest success – it’s all about removing these obstacles and staying disciplined to the process. says Mark.


Never Limit Yourself

When Mark Ormrod decided to run all the way from New York to LA over 63 days on his two new prosthetic legs. And he knew he was never turning back. In what is a remarkable story of survival, dedication, mental fortitude and discipline – Mark Ormrod’s story serves as a benchmark to what’s possible. Also, even in the direst of situations. The message – “never limit yourself”.

Whether it comes to learning to trade the stock market or learning to walk again. The lessons Mark shares are applicable in all walks of life. With 11 gold medals to his name and a raft of crazy outdoor challenges under his belt. And it’s not the silverware or the dollars fundraised that makes Mark’s journey so special, rather, it’s the innate dedication to do better and be better – great principles to harness for anyone looking to master the stock market.

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