Tech Wreck Version 2

Technology what's the difference between good stock and a good business

Tech Wreck Version 2 The month of April was a tough one for investors, particularly those heavily invested in the […]

The Aussie Election

The Australian Election and the Stockmarket

The Aussie Election The Australian federal election looms now that Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced the date for the […]

Oil Prices Are Soaring: Why?

At a whopping $2/litre at the bowser, oil prices have been soaring to multi-year highs. With inflationary and broader economic […]

The Aussie Commodity Super Cycle

The Aussie Commodity Super Cycle- Autralian Investment Education. As one of the largest mining centric countries in the world. It […]

Are Aussie Dividends Back?

Are Aussie Dividends Back?- Australian Investment Education. After being slashed last year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Tackling the thorny subject […]

Property Market Update for 2021

Property Market Update for 2021: Despite the economic challenges of the COVID-19 health crisis, our property market here in Australia […]